E Series

Short Description:

Application: Outdoor LED Display
Technology: SMD (common cathode)
Pixel Pitch: P2, P3, P4, P5 
Brightness: 5500nits
Grey Scale: 14bits
Refresh Rate: >1920HZ
Viewing Angle: >160°
Ingress Protection: IP65
Life Span: 100,000hours
Module Size: 320x160mm
Cabinet Size: 640×480mm
Warranty Period: 1 years



E Series: Energy-Saving Excellence Unleashed!

In the ever-evolving realm of outdoor advertising, architectural marvels, and transportation displays, energy efficiency is a game-changer. At Glowedge Optical, we're thrilled to introduce our Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screens, E series. These displays are designed to redefine how the world sees outdoor visuals, and they're leading the way with a host of advantages that set them apart. Join us as we explore these advantages and the limitless possibilities they bring to the great outdoors.

Our Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screens are not just displays; they're a testament to our commitment to energy efficiency, brightness, simplicity, and reliability. Here's why they shine:

1. Common Cathode Technology: Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond technology. Our Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screens help reduce operational costs while lowering your environmental footprint. Our screens utilize common cathode technology, drastically reducing power consumption while maintaining optimal performance.

2. High Brightness Brilliance: Defy the elements with high-brightness displays that ensure your content remains visible, even under the sunniest skies or the darkest nights.

3. Easy Installation: Streamline your setup process with screens designed for effortless installation. Get up and running quickly, and enjoy the benefits sooner.

4. Unwavering Stability: Trust in the reliability of our displays, designed to perform consistently in outdoor conditions, ensuring your content always shines.

5. Customizable Configurations: Tailor your displays to match your unique space and requirements. Versatile configurations make it easy to integrate these screens into your outdoor environment.

6. Versatile Applications: From eye-catching outdoor advertisements to informative transportation displays, our screens excel in diverse outdoor settings.


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