RE Series

Short Description:

Application: Indoor Rental LED Display
Technology: SMD 
Pixel Pitch:P1.9, P2, P3, P4 
Brightness: 800-1200nits
Grey Scale: 16bits
Refresh Rate: 3840HZ
Viewing Angle: >160°
Ingress Protection: IP30
Life Span: 100,000hours
Module Size: 250x250mm
Cabinet Size: 500×1000mm, 500×500mm
Warranty Period: 2 years



Setting the Stage, Unleashing Brilliance: Where Convenience Meets Captivation!

In the world of indoor events, exhibitions, and immersive experiences, adaptability and ease of use are paramount. At Glowedge Optical, we're delighted to introduce our Indoor Rental LED Screens. These displays are engineered to redefine how you approach indoor events, and they bring a host of advantages that set them apart. Join us as we explore these benefits and the endless possibilities they offer for your events.

RE series Indoor Rental LED Screens are not just displays; they're a testament to our commitment to ease of use, versatility, reliability, and brilliance. Here's why they shine:

1. Effortless Assembly and Disassembly: The crown jewel of convenience. Our screens are designed for quick and easy setup and teardown, ensuring a seamless event experience.

2. Versatile Configurations: Customize your displays to match your event's unique space and requirements. Versatile configurations make it easy to adapt these screens to any setting.

3. Reliability at Its Core: Trust in the reliability of our displays. They are built to perform consistently, ensuring your content always shines during events.

4. Stunning Visuals: Captivate your audience with stunning visuals that make a lasting impression. High resolution and contrast ratios bring your content to life.

5. Energy-Efficient Operation: Our commitment to sustainability extends to technology. Our Indoor Rental LED Screens help reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

6. Versatile Applications: From corporate events that demand precision to exhibitions that require flexibility, our screens excel in diverse indoor settings.

7. Simplifying Event Excellence: Streamline your event operations with displays that make setup, content delivery, and takedown a breeze.

8. Amplifying Impact: Enhance your message with brilliance that captures attention and creates memorable indoor experiences.

Our journey with indoor rental screens starts with your vision. We collaborate closely to understand your event objectives, design preferences, and technical requirements. From concept to execution, our team's expertise ensures a seamless integration process.


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