C series

Short Description:

Application: Indoor Commercial Display
Technology: SMD 
Brightness: 800nits
Grey Scale: 16bits
Refresh Rate: 3840HZ
Viewing Angle: >165 °
Ingress Protection: IP40(Front)/IP20(Back)
Life Span: 100,000hours
Module Size: 250*250mm
Cabinet Size: 500*250mm, 750*250mm, 1000*250mm, 500*500mm, 500*1000mm
Warranty Period: 2 years



C Series Commercial LED Screens – Where Imagination Meets Retail Reality!

C Series Commercial LED Screens, a game-changing solution designed to transform retail spaces, flagship stores, and 4S stores into captivating and immersive environments. Join us as we explore how the C Series redefines versatility and impact in commercial display technology.

It's a testament to our commitment to innovation, flexibility, and ease of use. Here's why the C Series stands out:

1. Flexible Cabinet Sizes: The C Series is incredibly flexible, offering various cabinet sizes that can be tailored to fit your unique space and design requirements. This adaptability ensures that your display seamlessly integrates into your project's aesthetics.

2. Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to installation hassles. The C Series is engineered for easy setup, reducing downtime.

3. Versatile Mounting Options: Choose between hanging or wall-mounted installations, depending on your store's layout and design. This versatility ensures that your LED screen can be positioned for maximum impact.

4. High-Resolution Visuals: Deliver stunning high-resolution visuals that captivate customers and leave a lasting impression. The C Series ensures that every detail of your content shines through.

5. Dynamic Content: Engage your audience with dynamic content that adapts to promotions, events, and seasonal changes. Keep your displays fresh and exciting year-round.

6. Seamless Integration: Our commercial LED screens integrate seamlessly with the brand's identity and store layout, ensuring a cohesive and captivating shopping experience.

7. Redefining Retail Experiences: The C Series goes beyond being just a display; it's a powerful tool for transforming retail spaces. It's about creating an atmosphere that tells the brand's story, engages customers, and drives sales.


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