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Moiré or refresh lines when you take a picture of it with your cell phone

Currently, with the gradual popularization of LED display in performance, studio and other applications, LED display has gradually become the mainstream of the virtual shooting background. However, when the use of photographic camera equipment to shoot the LED display, the imaging screen will sometimes appear different grain hardness, affecting the image texture.

And in practice, moiré and refresh lines are easily confused by users.

As shown in the picture above, Moire (also known as water ripples) presents an irregular curved diffusion state; while the refresh lines/scanning pattern is a horizontal black stripe straight line.
So what can be done to solve these problems?

Moire pattern
Photography/video equipment to shoot the LED display, imaging screen there are irregular water ripple pattern, generally known as moiré.
Simply put, moire is when two pixel array in the shape of a grid of angle and frequency interference, the grid of light and dark parts of the overlap each other to produce the phenomenon of grain (see the figure below).

From the principle of its formation can be seen, moire formation is generally due to two reasons: one is the refresh rate of the LED display problem, the second is the aperture of the shooting equipment and focus distance problem.

SOLUTIONS ONE Shooting equipment side
Generally speaking, in the shooting equipment side, you can adjust the camera angle, position, change the focus point, lens focal length, etc. to avoid moire, the principle is to look for the "grid overlap the least obvious place".
The test object is Glowedge Optical COB display, the pixel pitch is P1.2, the camera uses a 24-105 focal length lens at a distance of 4 meters from the screen to directly shoot the screen, record the aperture of F4.0 and F8.0 under different circumstances of the appearance of moire.
LED display screen moiré appears mainly by the camera's aperture and focus distance, the use of large aperture shooting can reduce the chances of moiré, in a particular focus can be shot under the clear and moiré-free LED screen images.

With an aperture of F4.0 and a focal length of 24-105, the image is moiré-free.

With an aperture of F8.0, the image appears slightly moiré at a focal length of 50.

It can be seen that by controlling the parameters and angle of the shooting device end can reduce the chances of moiré, but this approach to the shooting of a number of limitations, affecting the final rendering of the effect, the lack of practical control.

SOLUTIONS TWO LED display side
Improvement from the LED display side is the fundamental solution to the problem. A high-performance, high refresh rate LED screen can provide filmmakers with truly superior ultra-high-definition filming. 

Refresh lines / Scan lines
Refresh lines are horizontal black streaks straight lines, the cause of its formation is more direct, mainly due to the low refresh frequency of the display (<1000Hz), was captured by the camera shutter refresh lines and a phenomenon (because the LED display is progressive scanning drive).

Therefore, to eliminate the scan lines of the LED display, simply increase the refresh frequency of the LED display.

The fundamental solution
From the above two shooting patterns and solutions can be seen, with a high refresh rate of the display, in the virtual shooting can be more dominant, presenting a better shooting effect. Not only the on-site audience, but also the remote viewers who watch through the broadcast can feel the excellent display effect of UHD LED display like an immersive experience.
Glowedge Optical products all can reach refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz, some can support 7680Hz, can picture effect is more clear and delicate, with the naked eye to watch the actual effect of the same, full color, to avoid in the case of photography and video camera moire, scanning pattern and other problems.
Ultra-high refresh rate, nanosecond response, can make the LED display in accurate, clear, rapid response to the screen at the same time to ensure that the virtual shooting of high-definition effect.

At Glowedge Optical, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of LED display technology. We strive to collaborate with our partners and clients to create immersive visual experiences that leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Our vision is to continue to be at the forefront of innovation, empowering connectivity, and making a significant impact in the LED display industry.

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